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The Health Benefits of Moderate Wine Drinking During the Summer

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As the summer sun graces us with its warmth and long days, many of us seek refreshing ways to unwind and enjoy the season. For wine enthusiasts, this often means indulging in a chilled glass of rosé, a crisp white wine, or a light red. But beyond the pleasure of savoring these delightful beverages, moderate wine drinking has been linked …

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The Pros and Cons of Early Retirement for Baby Boomers

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By Suzuki & Associates, Inc. The Baby Boomer generation has transformed every life stage they’ve entered, and retirement is no exception. As more Boomers approach retirement age, early retirement has become a frequent topic of discussion. During the pandemic alone, more than 3 million Baby Boomers went for the exit, choosing early retirement to protect themselves from the risks of infection.  Does …

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What kinds of exercises are most effective for weight loss?

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Article By: Sami Nordlund Forever Fitness If exercise doesn’t appeal to you, then the answer is…whatever exercise you are willing to do. Any exercise is always better than none. People just beginning their weight loss journey or those returning to it often voice concerns about burn out.  And for that reason, it is always best to start slow and work …

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The Tragic Neglect of Madera’s Healthcare: A Community Left Behind

Heart Attack and No Hospital

The Tragic Neglect of Madera’s Healthcare: A Community Left Behind In a glaring reflection of failed leadership and mismanagement, the city of Madera finds itself in a dire predicament – the unsettling absence of a local hospital. This situation is not just a failure; it’s a profound betrayal of the community’s trust and well-being. The closure of Madera’s hospital, primarily …

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Couple’s guide to starting a business together By Tabish A. Naz, MD and Mehmiya Z. Raghid, MD

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Any small business owner can testify that you can’t do it all in one day, but give it your all and leave the rest for tomorrow. While that may be the case for many, we have recently found that to not be entirely true. As a husband-wife team, we recently made our lifelong goal of opening a medical practice a …

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