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Couple’s guide to starting a business together By Tabish A. Naz, MD and Mehmiya Z. Raghid, MD

Any small business owner can testify that you can’t do it all in one day, but give it your all and leave the rest for tomorrow. While that may be the case for many, we have recently found that to not be entirely true. As a husband-wife team, we recently made our lifelong goal of opening a medical practice a reality, and have learned along the way that many things on our to-do list for tomorrow were already tackled by the other.

While it certainly has not been a walk in the park every day, and we are still in the beginning phases of this chapter, it has been a blessing to be able to strengthen our common vision for ourselves and our careers.

For any couples considering venturing down a similar path, here is a list of pros and cons we have complied about working together as a married couple.


  1. Shared Goals: Couples often share common goals and values, fostering a strong foundation for the business.
  2. Trust and Communication: Existing trust and communication in the relationship can translate well into business partnerships.
  3. Flexible Roles: Couples can leverage each other’s strengths and balance responsibilities, leading to more flexibility in handling various aspects of the business.
  4. 24/7 Collaboration: Working together allows for constant collaboration, making it easier to address challenges promptly.
  5. Emotional Support: Couples can provide emotional support during challenging times, making it easier to navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.


  1. Blurring Boundaries: It can be challenging to separate personal and professional life, leading to potential conflicts.
  2. Risk to Relationship: Business stress may affect the relationship, and failure in the business can strain the personal connection.
  3. Limited Perspective: Working closely with a partner may limit exposure to diverse ideas and perspectives, potentially hindering innovation and problem-solving.
  4. Dependency Issues: Financial and emotional dependency on the business can strain the relationship, especially during tough times.
  5. Financial Risk: Couples may face heightened financial risk, as their finances are often intertwined with the business’s success or failure.

Ultimately, finding success in starting a business as a couple requires constant, clear communication, mutual respect, and a strong foundation of trust. While there are indeed challenges to navigate, couples who effectively manage these issues can find great satisfaction and success in their joint venture.

Tabish A. Naz, MD- A native to the Madera region, following a Family Medicine Residency and Fellowship in Sleep Medicine, he returned to his birth town to provide primary care and expertise in sleep medicine. He enjoys tennis and teaching his two-year-old son about cars.

Mehmiya Z. Raghid, MD- Originally from the East Coast, followed her husband back to Madera, provides primary care to a population in need of women’s health and obesity medicine, and is an expert in aesthetic medicine. Her goal is to provide a holistic and individual approach to each patient. On her days off, she enjoys cooking and exercising.


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