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Transforming Landscapes with MegaFlora: The Revolutionary Shade Tree

In the relentless heat of states like California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas, a revolutionary tree species, known as MegaFlora, is redefining the concept of shade and environmental sustainability. These trees, capable of astonishing growth rates of 10 to 15 feet per year, promise not only relief from the sun but also a remarkable adaptation to challenging growing conditions.

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MegaFlora trees have rapidly become the arboreal solution of choice for a diverse range of beneficiaries. Whether for private homeowners, educational districts, agricultural lands, golf courses, urban parks, or for the enhancement of new developments and public spaces, their rapid growth, and environmental benefits offer a versatile solution to various needs including swift shade provision, windbreaks, and dust control.

Key Attributes of MegaFlora Trees:

  • Unmatched growth rates in warm climates, thriving without snow
  • Exceptional drought resistance, requiring minimal water
  • Growth spurts of 10 to 15 feet annually
  • Spring blossoms of beautiful lavender, attracting pollinators
  • Large leaves, ranging from 12 to 18 inches, that play a significant role in absorbing greenhouse gases and mitigating carbon emissions

The story of MegaFlora trees is intertwined with the vision and dedication of Darren Schmall, a fourth-generation farmer from Madera County, California. Introduced to the potential of these trees by Dr. Ray Allen, the pioneering scientist behind MegaFlora, Schmall embarked on a journey over two decades ago that would see the transformation of landscapes with these ecological giants. Following a partnership forged on mutual respect and commitment, Schmall’s ApCal Rock’n Ranch has become a testament to the tree’s rapid growth, with initial seedlings maturing into towering 30-foot specimens within just three years.

In the wake of Dr. Allen’s passing amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Schmall continues to champion the legacy of MegaFlora trees alongside Dr. Allen’s widow, Diane, offering robust saplings ready to make an immediate environmental and aesthetic impact.

Visitors and prospective buyers are invited to witness the majestic growth of MegaFlora trees at ApCal Rock’n Ranch, located at 7409 Road 32, Madera, CA. For more information on acquiring these transformative trees, contact Darren Schmall directly at (559) 363-5433 or visit At only $200 per tree and additional discounts for bulk purchases, MegaFlora trees represent not just an affordable investment in shade but a commitment to a greener, more sustainable future. Please note, trees are available for pickup only in Madera, CA.

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