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The Aldiva Story: A Beacon of Support for Small Business Owners

For those within our network who haven’t yet had the privilege of meeting Aldiva, we hope you soon do. Aldiva is a rare gem, a once-in-a-lifetime individual whose dedication to supporting small businesses and nurturing personal connections goes beyond the ordinary.

Having had the pleasure of knowing Aldiva for over five years, it’s clear to see her unwavering commitment to the community. Every day, she’s out there, making genuine connections, not just networking for the sake of it. Unlike many who profess a desire to aid small business owners with a hidden agenda, Aldiva’s intentions are pure and selfless. Her mission has always been to uplift and support, without seeking anything in return.

Aldiva’s approach is one of true altruism and community spirit. She thrives in social settings, not for personal gain, but to forge connections that could benefit others. I’ve personally witnessed her in action at numerous events, effortlessly drawing people together. She has this unique ability to identify and create win-win relationships between business owners, myself included, fostering a network of mutual support and growth.

Her contributions haven’t gone unnoticed. Aldiva has received numerous accolades, led associations as President and chairperson, and yet, these honors have never swayed her from her core mission. Her dedication serves as an inspiration to us all, reminding us of the power of genuine support and community.

In sharing Aldiva’s story, we not only celebrate her but also hope to inspire others within our network to emulate her spirit of true support and community building. Aldiva’s legacy is a testament to the impact one individual can have on the lives of many, especially in the small business community.

As For Her Bio:

Aldiva “Ali” Rubalcava’s journey is one of determination, innovation, and community impact. Born in Kingsburg, CA, she quickly found her home in Artesia at the age of two before her family settled in Visalia in 1988. It was here that Aldiva attended Mt. Whitney High School, simultaneously pursuing her education at Barclay College in Fresno.

In 1996, Aldiva made her mark in the Bay Area, carving out a niche as one of the few licensed female contractors with a specialization in Kitchen and Bath Remodels. Her prowess in the field led to a thriving business that she successfully managed until 2012. Recognition for her entrepreneurial spirit came in 2006 when she was honored with the Business Woman of the Year Award by President Bush and Congresswoman Fox in Washington D.C., a testament to her excellence among just 50 recipients nationwide.

Aldiva’s expertise extended beyond construction, as she became a trusted authority in living well, featuring on platforms such as NBC11 and Rapid Remodel TV. Her commitment to personal and professional growth saw her graduate from the Visalia Leadership program in 2018. The accolades continued with her company winning Small Business of the Year in 2019 and the Community Excellence Award in 2021 from the Tulare Kings Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, along with her own recognition as Woman of the Year in 2023.

In 2012, Aldiva, alongside her husband Cesar Rubalcava, returned to Visalia amid soaring real estate prices in the Bay Area. She transitioned seamlessly into management roles before founding Recovery Credit Repair, Inc. in 2015, driven by her desire to empower individuals toward financial freedom. From its humble beginnings on Main Street, Recovery Credit Repair has flourished under Aldiva’s leadership, expanding to two locations in Visalia and Old Town Clovis.

Aldiva’s commitment to service extends beyond her businesses. She is a Certified Tax Preparer and a Business Partner of OMG Tax Gals, a Business Consultant with Aldiva Inc, and the founder of Better Solutions Inc, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to community upliftment. She also serves as a board member for several non-profit organizations, including NAPMW Fresno, NAHREP Fresno, and Paw Estates Rescue and Shelter.

An avid animal lover, Aldiva shares her home with three dogs, two cats, and four parrots. Her overarching goal remains to continuously enhance her business ventures, foster growth, and give back to the community that has supported her every step of the way. Aldiva Rubalcava’s story is one of resilience, compassion, and unwavering dedication to making a difference.

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