Friday , 12 July 2024

Real Estate

Dimming Confidence: Why Trust in Solar Providers Is Becoming Rare

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As the global shift toward renewable energy gains momentum, solar power stands out as a key player in the movement. However, despite the critical role it plays in combating climate change and reducing reliance on fossil fuels, the solar industry faces a growing crisis of trust. Many consumers express skepticism and caution, a sentiment that is becoming increasingly common. This …

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The Era of Fair Representation for Home Buyers Could Be Facing Its Final Curtain!

No More Buyers Agents

In an industry once revered as a cornerstone of the American Dream, real estate agents are facing a pivotal moment that could redefine their role and impact homebuyers across the nation. The looming lawsuit a group of home sellers filed as a class action lawsuit in Missouri Federal Court against the National Association of Realtors (N.A.R.) is more than just …

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What To Know About Credit Scores Before Buying a Home

Young couple working to buy a home

If you want to buy a home, you should know your credit score is a critical piece of the puzzle when it comes to qualifying for a mortgage. Lenders review your credit to see if you typically make payments on time, pay back debts, and more. Your credit score can also help determine your mortgage rate. An article from US Bank explains: “A credit …

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Why Access Is So Important When Selling Your House

Realtor explaining how the home selling process goes

By Kim Gomes, Realtor DRE #01861489 If you’re gearing up to sell your house this spring, one of the early conversations you’ll have with your agent is about how much access you want to give buyers. And you may not realize just how important it is to make your house easy to tour. Spring is the peak homebuying season, so opening up …

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Will a Silver Tsunami Change the 2024 Housing Market?

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Have you ever heard the term “Silver Tsunami” and wondered what it’s all about? If so, that might be because there’s been a lot of talk about it online recently. Let’s dive into what it is and why it won’t drastically impact the housing market. What Does Silver Tsunami Mean? A recent article from HousingWire calls it: “. . . …

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The Rise of Airbnb and the Quest for Authentic Travel Experiences

bass lake home front

In recent years, Airbnb has revolutionized the way people travel and experience new destinations. This platform’s soaring popularity is underpinned by a unique blend of factors that cater to diverse traveler needs, offering a more personalized and immersive lodging experience compared to traditional hotels. In this article, we explore the reasons behind Airbnb’s widespread appeal. Firstly, Airbnb offers a wide …

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Houses Are Still Selling Fast

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Have you been thinking about selling your house? If so, here’s some good news. While the housing market isn’t as frenzied as it was during the ‘unicorn’ years when houses were selling quicker than ever, they’re still selling faster than normal. The graph above uses data from to tell the story of median days on the market for every …

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